Removal of Sludge, Debris, Magnatite & more!

If your heating system is struggling to circulate, giving poor transfer of heat from your radiators, or error codes on a more modern boiler indicating poor flow and return temperatures it could be time to get your system power flushed.  Many components within your heating system can be damaged by corrosive water within your heating system. This may occur due to the age and deterioration of the system or by simply not having a protector or inhibitor chemical treatment added.  Boiler Rescue offer a competitive power flush.  Full treatment of all your radiators with Powerflush strength chemical cleaner alongside Industrial strength magnetic filtration techniques. We agitate each radiator within your home to ensure the power flush machine and filters capture as much sludge, oxides, magnetite and debris as possible. We then flush finally with fresh clean water and chemical additive inhibitors are added. Government statistics estimate an increase in efficiency of power flushed systems range between 10-30%

powerflush machine